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6 Reasons Not to Touch that Line

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Since the beginning of agility drills, coaches have demanded that athletes touch the line with their hands during shuttle runs.

6 Reason I Don’t Allow My Athletes to Touch the Line with Their Hands.

Reason #1

It greatly throws off the balance point of the center of mass in relationship to the mass of the upper body. We are trying to change directions quickly and this doesn’t allow it.

Reason #2

The technique factor we want is ruined when an athlete completely flexes at the hips, rounds the back, and sways the shoulders.

Reason #3

Many athletes lack the proper mobility, joint by joint, to properly get into position when touching the line while changing directions. They end up with sore backs. Now granted, they should have more mobility and not get sore backs but the reality is they do from this technique.

Reason #4

We are telling our kids to be quicker while at the same time giving them an action that slows them down….needlessly!

Reason #5

When coming up to the line, the athletes are being taught the wrong mindset. They have to use a strategy on how to get in position to touch the line rather than be as quick as possible when changing direction.

Reason #6

Finally, it is just another example of a “drill” we use because…..well, that is what we have always done. Seriously, no good reason for it in general. Unless you have a solid reason and it can be performed well, then don’t do it.

Train Smart!
Lee Taft

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