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Stop Skipping Coaching Levels

coaching levels

Coaching Has Levels….Stop Skipping the Levels!

There is amazing information out there to improve our coaching knowledge, but you have to earn the right to listen and learn certain information. We have to stop skipping our current levels simply because higher levels of learning are out there.

Coaching Level 1

Learn the most basic information possible that will impact you and your athletes. Keep it simple! The scale should be weighted heavily with the simple stuff. How to move, how to run, how to change direction, how to get into a stance, how to land, how to lift….you can’t get enough of level one knowledge.

Coaching Level 2

How to apply a slightly more specific approach to this level 1 knowledge. How to address varying age groups, specific sports, specific positions in a sport, but still use the basics on the specifics.

Coaching Level 3

How to recognize dysfunction and correct it. Before we do this keep learning level 1 and refer out to those who have been schooled in assessments of a greater degree.

Coaching Level 4

Learn the basics of assessment. Don’t over step your boundaries, but learn what you are looking for, why you are looking for it, and how to deal with it. Don’t get the urge to be a hero. Refer out when stuck.

Coaching Level 5

The mindset of coaching with the impact of what we say and its effect on athletes. Learn the psychology of coaching and communication and so on. The levels can be as high as you want or need. Bu, stop skipping levels!

When a young person or new person joins the profession, learn how an athlete should move and why they should move this way. Learn why speed work needs less time and more intensity verse why conditioning needs more time and less intensity. The “heck” with advanced programming and coaching methods, because it isn’t needed yet! In time it will be, however not at the beginning.

What is happening now is the “newbies” are learning level 4 and 5 information, yet can’t get an athlete in a stance or to running properly. What good is level 4 and 5, if you can’t do levels 1, 2, and 3? Do the steps in order!

Train Smart!
Lee Taft

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